Annex M4 – H.248 packages for H.323 and H.324 interworking
       M4.1     Introduction
       M4.2     Scope
       M4.3     References
                 M4.3.1     Normative references
                 M4.3.2     Informative reference
       M4.4     H324 Package
                 M4.4.1     Properties
                 M4.4.2     Events
                 M4.4.3     Signals
                 M4.4.4     Statistics
                 M4.4.5     Procedures
       M4.5     H245 Package
                 M4.5.1     Properties
                 M4.5.2     Events
                 M4.5.3     Signals
                 M4.5.4     Statistics
                 M4.5.5     Procedures
       M4.6     H323 Bearer Control Package
                 M4.6.1     Properties
                 M4.6.2     Events
                 M4.6.3     Signals
                 M4.6.4     Statistics
                 M4.6.5     Procedures
       M4.7     H.245 Command Package
                 M4.7.1     Properties
                 M4.7.2     Events
                 M4.7.3     Signals
                 M4.7.4     Statistics
                 M4.7.5     Procedures
       M4.8     H.245 Indication package
                 M4.8.1     Properties
                 M4.8.2     Events
                 M4.8.3    Signals
                 M4.8.4     Statistics
                 M8.4.5     Procedures
       M4.9     Call flows
                 M4.9.1     H.323-Annex C/H.324 interworking with H.245 in MG
                 M4.9.2     H.323-Annex C/H.324 interworking with H.245 in MGC
                 M4.9.3     Tunnelling of Annex C/H.324 bitstream