1.1     Scope    
        1.2     Normative references       
        2.1     Definitions
        2.2     Symbols and abbreviations          
        2.3     Method of describing bit stream syntax    
        2.4     Transport Stream bitstream requirements 
        2.5     Program Stream bitstream requirements   
        2.6     Program and program element descriptors           
        2.7     Restrictions on the multiplexed stream semantics
        2.8     Compatibility with ISO/IEC 11172          
        2.9     Registration of copyright identifiers         
       2.10     Registration of private data format          
       2.11     Carriage of ISO/IEC 14496 data 
       2.12     Carriage of metadata       
       2.13     Carriage of ISO 15938 data        
       2.14     Carriage of ITU-T Rec. H.264 | ISO/IEC 14496-10 video         
Annex A – CRC decoder model     
        A.0     CRC decoder model        
Annex B – Digital Storage Medium Command and Control (DSM-CC)    
        B.0     Introduction         
        B.1     General elements 
        B.2     Technical elements          
Annex C –Program Specific Information    
        C.0     Explanation of Program Specific Information in Transport Streams        
        C.1     Introduction         
        C.2     Functional mechanism     
        C.3     The Mapping of Sections into Transport Stream Packets
        C.4     Repetition rates and random access         
        C.5     What is a program?          
        C.6     Allocation of program_number    
        C.7     Usage of PSI in a typical system  
        C.8     The relationships of PSI structures          
        C.9     Bandwidth utilization and signal acquisition time           
Annex D – Systems timing model and applicationimplications of this Recommendation | International Standard    
        D.0     Introduction         
Annex E – Data transmission applications    
        E.0     General considerations    
        E.1     Suggestion
Annex F – Graphics of syntax for this Recommendation | International Standard    
        F.0     Introduction          
Annex G – General information    
        G.0     General information        
Annex H – Private data    
        H.0     Private data         
Annex I – Systems conformance and real-time interface     
        I.0     Systems conformance and real-time interface       
Annex J – Interfacing jitter-inducing networks to MPEG-2 decoders    
        J.0     Introduction          
        J.1     Network compliance models        
        J.2     Network specification for jitter smoothing           
        J.3     Example decoder implementations           
Annex K – Splicing Transport Streams    
        K.0     Introduction         
        K.1     The different types of splicing point        
        K.2     Decoder behaviour on splices     
Annex L – Registration procedure (see 2.9)    
        L.1     Procedure for the request of a Registered Identifier (RID)          
        L.2     Responsibilities of the Registration Authority     
        L.3     Responsibilities of parties requesting an RID      
        L.4     Appeal procedure for denied applications           
Annex M – Registration application form (see 2.9)     
        M.1     Contact information of organization requesting a Registered Identifier (RID)    
        M.2     Statement of an intention to apply the assigned RID       
        M.3     Date of intended implementation of the RID       
        M.4     Authorized representative           
        M.5     For official use only of the Registration Authority          
Annex N    
Annex O – Registration procedure (see 2.10)    
        O.1     Procedure for the request of an RID        
        O.2     Responsibilities of the Registration Authority     
        O.3     Contact information for the Registration Authority          
        O.4     Responsibilities of parties requesting an RID     
        O.5     Appeal procedure for denied applications          
Annex P – Registration application form    
        P.1     Contact information of organization requesting an RID    
        P.2     Request for a specific RID           
        P.3     Short description of RID that is in use and date system that was implemented    
        P.4     Statement of an intention to apply the assigned RID         
        P.5     Date of intended implementation of the RID        
        P.6     Authorized representative
        P.7     For official use of the Registration Authority       
Annex Q – T-STD and P-STD buffer models for ISO/IEC 13818-7 ADTS    
        Q.1     Introduction         
        Q.2     Leak rate from Transport Buffer  
        Q.3     Buffer size           
        Q.4     Conclusion          
Annex R – Carriage of ISO/IEC 14496 scenes in ITU-T Rec. H.222.0 | ISO/IEC 13818-    
        R.1     Content access procedure for ISO/IEC 14496 program components within a Program Stream
        R.2     Content access procedure for ISO/IEC 14496 program components within a Transport Stream