Supplement 46 to ITU-T G-series Recommendations defines a test plan whose purpose is to verify interoperability between a G-PON OLT and ONU. Emphasis is placed on test cases that address the G-PON physical layer (ITU‑T G.984.2), the TC layer (ITU-T G.984.3) and low-level components of the management layer (ITU-T G.984.4).

Service layer test cases are out of scope for this supplement.

Interoperability testing is conducted by or on behalf of four interests: the OLT vendor, the ONU vendor, one or more network operators who are potential customers, and possibly a third-party testing lab.

For each test case, the supplement provides detailed information on:


reference standard;

preconditions and dependencies;

test set-up;

test equipment;

test procedure;

pass  fail criteria.