This amendment addresses the following issues:

Specification of the signalling family and carrier frequencies to support the IEEE EFM VDSL specification.

Parameters to support IEEE EFM.

Specification of the carrier set and parameters to support G.992.3 Annex M.

Specification of the carrier sets for G.992.1 Annexes H & I, G.992.3 Annex M, G.992.4 Annex I, and G.992.5 Annexes A, B, I, J & M.

Parameters to support ITU-T Rec. G.991.2.

Parameters to support G.992.3 Annex L merged with Annex A.

A parameter to support T1 enhanced SHDSL.

Parameters to support G.992.3 Annex J extended upstream PSDs.

Parameters to support upstream mask selection in G.992.5 Annexes J and M.

Text to clarify the meaning of "capabilities".

Specification of an alternative carrier set for use where regulatory requirements prevent the use of A43.