Amendment 2 to Recommendation ITU-T G.993.5 (2010) covers the following functionalities:

  1. Definition of flag tones and probe tones (corrigendum)
  2. SRA with retransmission (corrigendum)
  3. Definition of the SCC (corrigendum)
  4. UPBO optimization for G.993.5 (addition of a NOTE)
  5. O‑SIGNATURE message (corrigendum)
  6. O‑P‑VECTOR 1 signal (corrigendum)
  7. Markers (corrigendum)
  8. R‑P‑VECTOR 1 signal (corrigendum)
  9. O‑TA_UPDATE message (corrigendum)
  10. R‑ERROR‑FEEDBACK message (corrigendum)
  11. Downstream Frequency Dependent Pilot Sequence (corrigendum)
  12. Upstream Frequency Dependent Pilot Sequence (amendment)