Amendment 1 to ITU-T Recommendation G.992.5 (2005) is the first amendment to the integrated ITU‑T Rec. G.992.5 approved in January 2005. It specifies the following additions:

1) Addition to clause 7 of new optional valid S and D values in the PMS-TC framer configuration. This permits the achievement of higher net data rates while satisfying a configured minimum impulse noise protection (INP_min);

2) Addition to clause 8 of optional downstream spectrum shaping using time domain filtering only. This allows the transceiver to meet the PSD mask with filtering only in the time domain;

3) A new Annex C-based ADSL2plus system operating in the TCM‑ISDN environment with a downstream bandwidth of 2208 kHz and an upstream bandwidth of 138 kHz (Annex C.A) or 276 kHz (Annex C.B).

4) Additions to Annex K to include net data rates corresponding to the new S and D values.

5) A new Appendix VI which gives examples of PSD masks for operation according to Annex C.

Revision marks are relative to the latest pre-published integrated version of ITU-T Rec. G.992.5.