1     Scope 
 2     Changes to Recommendation ITU-T G.8251       
        2.1     Modifications to clause 2   
        2.2     Modifications to clause 5, network limits for the maximum output jitter and wander at an OTUk interface     
        2.3     Modifications to clause 6.1, jitter and wander tolerance of OTN interfaces  
        2.4     Modifications to clause 6.1.3, OTU3 jitter and wander tolerance    
        2.5     Modifications to clause 6.2, jitter and wander tolerance of CBR2G5, CBR10G, and CBR40G client interfaces     
        2.6     Subclause A.5.1.1, ODCa, ODCb, and ODCr jitter generation      
        2.7     Subclause A.5.1.2, ODCp jitter generation