Amendment 1 to ITU-T Recommendation G.798 (2012):

−           completes the management interfaces of the optical modulation and wavelength multiplexing processes for support of WDM interfaces;

−           adds an indication to see the HAO capable ODUk to MPLS-TP adaptation function in Recommendation ITU-T G.8121;

−           adds adaptation of multilane 40 Gigabit/s SDH signals with parallel interfaces (STL256.4) for mapping into LO OPU3;

−           adds CM-XGPON and the Payload Types for clients bit‑synchronously mapped into ODUflex to the ODUkP to CBRx adaptation functions;

−           adds the ODU2eP to FC-1200 signal adaptation functions;

−           adds Fibre Channel clients to Annex A; and

−           corrects the Payload Type for SBCON/ESCON clients and the frequency tolerance of ODUflex signals.