1     Introduction      
 2     References 
 3     Terms and definitions       
 4     Abbreviations   
 5     Architecture framework for ASON link state routing        
 6     Routing hierarchy 
 7     Identifiers for routing        
        7.1     Identifier spaces     
        7.2     Routing component identifiers         
        7.3     Name space interaction      
        7.4     Name spaces and routing hierarchy
        7.5     SNPP name components   
 8     Routing within a hierarchy
        8.1     Routing information exchange         
        8.2     LRM to RC communications          
        8.3     Configuring the hierarchy and information flow        
        8.4     Configuring RC adjacencies           
 9     Routing attributes 
        9.1     Principles
        9.2     Taxonomy of attributes      
        9.3    Common advertisement information
        9.4     Node attributes      
        9.5     Link attributes        
Appendix I – Use of SNPP aliases in multilevel routing hierarchies    
Appendix II – Multiple RC communications over PCs    
Appendix III – Example scenarios for RA segmentation, aggregation and  evolution of the network hierarchy    
      III.1     Segregation – Insertion of a node in an RA that is "full"        
      III.2     Merging two RAs  
      III.3     Renaming an RA    
      III.4     Insertion – Different routing protocol added to a portion of a network