A.1     Introduction          
        A.2     General description of the codec   
                  A.2.1     Speech codec definition   
                  A.2.2     Notational conventions     
        A.3     Functional description of the encoder         
                  A.3.1     Pre-processing     
                  A.3.2     Linear prediction analysis and quantization
                  A.3.3     Perceptual weighting        
                  A.3.4     Open-loop pitch analysis  
                  A.3.5     Computation of the impulse response        
                  A.3.6     Computation of the target signal    
                  A.3.7     Adaptive-codebook search          
                  A.3.8     Fixed codebook – Structure and search   
                  A.3.9     Quantization of the gains   
                  A.3.10     Memory update 
        A.4     Functional description of the decoder        
                  A.4.1     Parameter decoding procedure     
                  A.4.2     Post-processing   
                  A.4.3     Encoder and decoder initialization 
                  A.4.4     Concealment of frame erasures     
        A.5     Bit-exact description of the reduced complexity CS-ACELP codec           
                  A.5.1     Use of the simulation software      
                  A.5.2     Organization of the simulation software