H.1     Introduction          
        H.2     Principles of operation       
                  H.2.1     Procedure to reduce coding bit rate          
                  H.2.2     Principle of 12.8 kbit/s operation  
                  H.2.3     Principle of 9.6 kbit/s operation    
        H.3     Modifications for 12.8 kbit/s operation      
                  H.3.1     Pseudo-code       
                  H.3.2     Additional new gain table 
                  H.3.3     Change of coder parameter          
        H.4     Modifications for 9.6 kbit/s operation        
                  H.4.1     Pseudo-code       
                  H.4.2     Additional new gain table 
                  H.4.3     Change of coder parameter
Included electronic file:
 –     Test data for 9.6 kbit/s operation
 –     Test data for 12.8 kbit/s operation