Appendix I – A high quality low-complexity algorithm for packet loss concealment with G.711
        I.1     Introduction
        I.2     Algorithm description
                  I.2.1     Good frames
                  I.2.2     First bad frame
                  I.2.3     Pitch detection
                  I.2.4     Synthetic signal generation for first 10 ms
                  I.2.5     Synthetic signal generation after 10 ms
                  I.2.6     Attenuation
                  I.2.7     First good frame after an erasure
                  I.2.8     Example
        I.3     Algorithm description with annotated C++ code
                  I.3.1     Typedefs and constants
                  I.3.2     Class declaration
                  I.3.3     Main loop
                  I.3.4     Utility member functions
                  I.3.5     Constructor
                  I.3.6     Addtohistory and savespeech
                  I.3.7     Dofe
                  I.3.8     Pitch detection
                  I.3.9     Synthetic signal generation and attenuation
                 I.3.10     Overlap add operators
        I.4     Complexity and delay