This Recommendation provides the requirements for the STM-N signals at the network node interface of a synchronous digital network, including B-ISDN in terms of:

bit rates;

frames structures;

formats for mapping and multiplexing of client signals (e.g., PDH, ATM and Ethernet) elements;

functionalities of the overheads.

Revision 7.0 of ITU-T Recommendation G.707/Y.1322 is based on:

revision 6.0 approved 2003-12-14;

Corrigendum 1 approved 2004-06-13;

Amendment 1 approved 2004-08-22;

Corrigendum 2 approved 2005-08-22; and

editorial (non-technical) corrections.

Amendment 1 provides a reciprocal linkage from the SDH Recommendation to the G-PON Recommendation G.984.3, and explains how the G-PON encapsulation method (GEM) transport of SDH signals fits into the multiplexing hierarchy.