1     Introduction
 2     References
 3     End-to-end transmission time limits
 4     Transmission time allocation
Annex A - Delay estimation for circuits
        A.1     Planning values of transmission time
        A.2     National extension circuits
        A.3     International circuits
        A.4     Codec delay
                  A.4.1     Delay in wirebound environment
                  A.4.2     Delay in mobile and wireless environment
                  A.4.3     Delay in IP environment (one frame per packet)
                  A.4.4     Delay in IP environment (multiple frames per packet)
        A.5     Delay due to IP delay variation buffer
Annex B - Long delay considerations for telephone, videotelephone  and videoconference circuits
        B.1     Introduction
        B.2     Effect of long transmission delays on the subscriber
                  B.2.1     Effects of echo cancellers
                  B.2.2     Effects of delay on dynamics of conversation
                  B.2.3     Interaction between delay and user applications
        B.3     Summary and conclusions
Appendix I - Delay introduced by coder-related processing
Appendix II - Bibliography