1     Introduction
 2     References
 3     Basic planning principle
 4     The impairment factor method
 5     Equipment impairment factor, Ie
 6     Quantization distortion unit (qdu)
Annex A – A comparison of the qdu approach versus the Ie-value  assignment for ADPCM (32 kbit/s)
Appendix I – Provisional planning values for the equipment impairment factor Ie
Appendix II – Considerations concerning the Advantage Factor A
       II.1     Introduction
       II.2     Components of user expectation
Appendix III – Guidelines regarding individual transmission impairment parameters other than qdu and Equipment Impairment Factor Ie
      III.1     Attenuation distortion
      III.2     Group delay distortion
      III.3     Talker echo
      III.4     One-way transmission time
      III.5     Effect of random bit errors
      III.6     Effect of burst errors
      III.7     Effect of syllable speech clipping