1     Introduction
        1.1     Scope
        1.2     Definitions
        1.3     Multimedia service development methodology
                  1.3.1     Communication capabilities
                  1.3.2     Multimedia service recommendations
        1.4     Multimedia services reference model
        1.5     Functional model of the service platform
        1.6     Application of the reference and functional models to the service description
 2     Communication Capabilities
        2.1     Communication tasks
                  2.1.1     Method of describing communication tasks
                  2.1.2     Attribute considerations
                  2.1.3     Provisional list of communication tasks
                  2.1.4     Description of generic communication tasks
        2.2     Media components
        2.3     Middleware service elements
        2.4     Supplementary services
 3     Service description process
        3.1     Framework
        3.2     Service profiles
        3.3     Quality of service
        3.4     Generic service descriptions
        3.5     Derivation of specific services
        3.6     Elaboration of service description
        3.7     Intercommunication among service categories
Annex A – Media components descriptions
        A.1     Media component audio
                  A.1.1     Definition
                  A.1.2     Description
                  A.1.3     Quality aspects
                  A.1.4     Intercommunication
        A.2     Media component video
                  A.2.1     Definition
                  A.2.2     Description
                  A.2.3     Quality aspects
                  A.2.4     Intercommunication
                  A.2.5     Description of the static aspects
                  A.2.6     Description of the dynamic aspects
        A.3     Media component text
                  A.3.1     Definition
                  A.3.2     Description
                  A.3.3     Quality Aspects
                  A.3.4     Intercommunication
        A.4     Media component graphics
                  A.4.1     Definition
                  A.4.2     Description
                  A.4.3     Quality aspects
                  A.4.4     Intercommunication
                  A.4.5     Description of static aspects
                  A.4.6     Description of dynamic aspects
        A.5     Media component still pictures
                  A.5.1     Definition
                  A.5.2     Description
                  A.5.3     Quality aspects
                  A.5.4     Intercommunication
                  A.5.5     Description of static aspects
                  A.5.6     Description of dynamic aspects
        A.6     Media component data
                  A.6.1     Definition
                  A.6.2     Description
                  A.6.3     Quality aspects
                  A.6.4     Intercommunication
                  A.6.5     Description of static aspects
                  A.6.6     Description of dynamic aspects
Annex B – Communication tasks descriptions
        B.1     Communication task conversing
                  B.1.1     Definition
                  B.1.2     Description
                  B.1.3     Quality aspects
                  B.1.4     Intercommunication
                  B.1.5     Static aspects
        B.2     Communication task conferencing
                  B.2.1     Definition
                  B.2.2     Description
                  B.2.3     Quality aspects
                  B.2.4     Intercommunication
                  B.2.5     Description of the static aspects
        B.3     Communication task distributing
                  B.3.1     Definition
                  B.3.2     Description
                  B.3.3     Quality aspects
                  B.3.4     Intercommunication
                  B.3.5     Static aspects
        B.4     Communication task sending
                  B.4.1     Definition
                  B.4.2     Description
                  B.4.3     Quality aspects
                  B.4.4     Intercommunication
                  B.4.5     Static aspects
        B.5     Communication task receiving
                  B.5.1     Definition
                  B.5.2     Description
                  B.5.3     Quality aspects
                  B.5.4     Intercommunication
                  B.5.5     Static aspects
        B.6     Communication task collecting
                  B.6.1     Definition
                  B.6.2     Description
                  B.6.3     Quality aspects
                  B.6.4     Intercommunication
                  B.6.5     Static aspects
Annex C – Middleware service elements descriptions
        C.1     Middleware service element Conversation Control
                  C.1.1     Definition
                  C.1.2     Description
                  C.1.3     Control functions
                  C.1.4     Implementation
        C.2     Middleware service element Conference Control
                  C.2.1     Definition
                  C.2.2     Description
                  C.2.3     Control functions
                  C.2.4     Implementation
Annex D – Glossary
Appendix I – Multimedia medical consultation
        I.1     Prose description
        I.2     Application scenario
                  I.2.1     Full multimedia support capability
                  I.2.2     Restricted multimedia support capability
        I.3     Implementation notes
                  I.3.1     Related applications
                  I.3.2     Associated applications
                  I.3.3     Security/privacy
                  I.3.4     Service flexibility
                  I.3.5     Performance trade-offs
Appendix II – Harmonization of multimedia services and applications