Table of Contents

 1     Scope            
 2     References   
 3     Definitions and abbreviations 
        3.1     Definitions         
        3.2     Abbreviations   
 4     ITU-T E.164 number structures              
        4.1     International public telecommunication number for geographic areas
        4.2     International public telecommunication number for global services    
        4.3     International public telecommunication number for networks              
 5     Number portability types for national ITU-T E.164 numbers           
 6     Generic implementation of number portability    
 7     Entities addressed by routing   
 8     Number portability mechanisms             
        8.1     Assumptions     
        8.2     General description          
 9     Types of addresses and numbers – within networks and across network boundaries  
        9.1     Concatenated address    
        9.2     Separated addresses        
        9.3     RN only             
        9.4     DN only (normally across network boundaries)        
10     Combinations of addressing types, addressed entities and mechanisms: general signalling requirements    
11     Examples of locations of OpDBs and CRDBs for number portability          
       11.1     General description        
       11.2     Examples of a number portability database solution             
12     Administrative processes