Annex 1 - Measurement techniques of ultra-wideband transmissions
 1     Introduction
        1.1     Frequency-domain versus time-domain measurement approaches
        1.2     Normal test signals for data
        1.3     General UWB measurement system
        1.4     Measurement environment
                  1.4.1     Radiated measurement procedure below 1 000 MHz
                  1.4.2     Radiated measurement procedure above 1 000 MHz
       1.5      Measurement variations for ground penetrating radar devices and wall imaging radar devices
        1.6     Equipment under test orientation
        1.7     Measurement distance
        1.8     Measurement antennas
        1.9     Measurement receiver and detectors
       1.10     Measurement system sensitivity
       1.11     Example test sequence
 2     Frequency-domain measurements
        2.1     Determination of 10 dB bandwidth
        2.2     A preliminary measurement method using a reverberation chamber
        2.3     CISPR quasi-peak measurements
        2.4     Average power measurement using a spectrum analyser
                  2.4.1     Average equivalent isotropic radiated power (e.i.r.p.) spectral density
                  2.4.2     Average measurements using an r.m.s. detector
                  2.4.3     Average measurement using zero span
                  2.4.4     Average measurements using power integration
        2.5     Low-level emission measurement using a low-noise amplifier
        2.6     Radiometric measurements for low level emissions
                  2.6.1     Configuration of a radiometer
                  2.6.2     Principle and description of the measurements
                  2.6.3     Test procedure
                  2.6.4     Example for the 1-2 GHz band
                  2.6.5     Example for the 22-24 GHz band
        2.7     Peak power spectral density measurement
                  2.7.1     Peak power spectral density measurement using a spectrum analyser
                  2.7.2     Peak power spectral density measurement using a spectrum analyser (alternative method)
        2.8     Spectral line measurements
        2.9     Conducted measurements
 3     Time-domain measurements
        3.1     Time-domain measurement of UWB signals
        3.2     Error estimation of jitter using sampling oscilloscope
        3.3     Post-processing of time-domain data
                  3.3.1     Complex antenna factor
                  3.3.2     Reconstruction of electric field from measured time-domain data
                  3.3.3     Spectrum analysis in an arbitrary resolution bandwidth
                  3.3.4     An example of a peak power measurement in the time domain
        3.4     Combined spectrum analyser and oscilloscope time-domain measurements
Appendix 1 - Abbreviations used in the Recommendation