Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
Annex 1  Methods for measuring radio noise
 1     Introduction
 2     Sources of radio noise
 3     Components of radio noise
 4     Key parameters
 5     Measurement principles
 6     Measurement type
 7     Equipment specifications
        7.1     Receiver and preamplifier
        7.2     Antennas
 8     Uncertainty analysis
 9     Measurement process
        9.1     Selecting measurement locations
        9.2     Frequency selection
        9.3     Analyser/receiver settings
        9.4     Measuring period
        9.5     Separation of man-made and atmospheric noise (measurement Type C only)
        9.6     Data collection and post processing
                  9.6.1     WGN measurements with r.m.s. detector (Measurement Type A)
                  9.6.2     WGN + IN measurements with raw data sampling (Measurement Types A, B and C)
10     Data processing
       10.1     Overview
       10.2     Correction for equipment noise
       10.3     Determination of the WGN level using the “20% method” (r.m.s.-WGN measurement only)
       10.4     Validation of the 20% cut-off value (r.m.s. WGN measurements only)
       10.5     Separation of man-made noise from wanted emissions (measurement Types B and C)
       10.6     Plotting of the APD (raw data sampling only)
       10.7     Calculation of Fa
       10.8     Separation of IN samples from WGN (measurement Types B and C only)
       10.9     Combining impulse trains to bursts (measurement Types B and C only)
      10.10     Separation of MMN pulses from atmospheric noise (measurement Type C only)
      10.11     Calculation of pulse parameter distribution (measurement Types B and C only)
                  10.11.1      Impulse/burst level
                  10.11.2      Impulse/burst length and period
                  10.11.3      Total impulse/burst time
11     Result presentation
       11.1     WGN measurements
       11.2     IN measurements
12     Limitations
Appendix 1  Verification of WGN frequency selection using SVD
Appendix 2  Verification of the cut-off value when using direct r.m.s. measurements
Appendix 3  Separating man-made noise from wanted emissions