Annex 1    
 1     General      
 2     The results of mobile field-strength measurement   
 3     Calculation of field strength          
 4     Measuring antennas         
 5     Test receiver settings        
        5.1     Dynamic range       
        5.2     Detector functions and bandwidths for the respective types of signal
 6     The vehicle speed
 7     The necessary number of measuring points and the averaging interval        
 8     Navigation and positioning systems           
        8.1     Dead reckoning system      
        8.2     Global positioning systems (GPS)   
       8.3      Complex navigation system
 9     Data collection and processing     
        9.1     Measurement result collecting without data reduction (raw field-strength data)         
        9.2     Measurement result collecting with data reduction   
10     Data presentation
       10.1     Representation of raw data in tabular form 
       10.2     Plotting in Cartesian coordinates    
       10.3     Mapping