Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
Annex 1  Simple spectrum mask based method to indicate the exceeding of frequency deviation limits
 1     Requirements
 2     Connection transmitter and spectrum analyzer
 3     Measurement conditions
 4     Adjustments of the spectrum analyzer
 5     Measurement instruction
 6     Limits
 7     Mask construction
Annex 2  Method of measuring the maximum frequency deviation  of FM broadcast emissions at monitoring stations
 1     General
        1.1     Definitions
Frequency deviation:
Instantaneous deviation:
Peak deviation:
Composite signal:
Modulation power:
        1.2     Introduction
        1.3     Limits
        1.4     Observation time
 2     Required conditions for measurements
        2.1     Required wanted-to-unwanted RF signal level ratio En/Es at the measurement equipment
        2.2     Multipath propagation and distortion
        2.3     Wanted signal level at the receiver input
 3     Characteristics of suitable measuring equipment
        3.1     Reflection measurements
        3.2     Frequency deviation measurements
        3.3     Modulation power measurements
 4     Result evaluation
 5     Presentation of measurement results
        5.1     Modulation power
        5.2     Frequency deviation