Annex 1  Technical and operational constraints for EESS (active) operating in the range 420-470 MHz
 1     Technical constraints
 2     Operational constraints
 3     Protection criteria for existing services in the frequency range 420-470 MHz
Annex 2   Methodology for interference assessment and mitigation
 1     Introduction
 2     Calculation of interference to other services
 3     Interference criteria for other services
        3.1     Surveillance radars in radiolocation service
        3.2     Tracking radars in radiolocation service
 4     Example analysis of the unwanted signal from a spaceborne sensor to other services
        4.1     Technical characteristics
                  4.1.1     Spaceborne sensor
                  4.1.2     Airborne radars
        4.2     Analysis approach and results
                  4.2.1     Computer simulations
 5     Procedure to use methodology
 6     Conclusion