Annex 1 - Protection criteria for deep-space research
 1     Introduction
        1.1     Interference effects and consequences
        1.2     Development of protection criteria
 2     Protection criteria for deep-space earth stations
        2.1     Maximum acceptable performance degradation
        2.2     Interference levels corresponding to maximum acceptable performance degradation
                  2.2.1     Maser pre‑amplifier
                  2.2.2     Carrier tracking, telemetry and ranging subsystems
        2.3     Protection criteria for deep‑space earth-station receivers
 3     Protection criteria for space stations in deep space
Annex 2 - Interference susceptibility of receiving systems for deep‑space research
 1     Introduction
 2     The receiving system
 3     Results of interference
 4     Effects of CW interference
        4.1     Interference susceptibility of the maser pre‑amplifier
        4.2     CW RFI susceptibility of the carrier tracking loop
        4.3     CW RFI susceptibility of the telemetry subsystem
        4.4     CW RFI susceptibility of the ranging subsystem
 5     Effects of noise‑like interference