Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
Annex 1  Access procedures for fixed-satellite service occasional use, transmissions to geostationary-satellite orbit space stations, in the 4/6 GHz and 11-12/13/14 GHz FSS bands
 1     Introduction
 2     Definitions
 3     Equipment selection
 4     Procedures
        4.1     General OU access procedure
                  4.1.1     Understand the parameters of the transmission
                  4.1.2     Ensure equipment and cabling are functioning
                  4.1.3     Setup for transmission
                  4.1.4     Transmit with permission only
        4.2     Pre-transmission antenna pointing and cross-polarization alignment
                  4.2.1     Inclined satellites
        4.3     Avoiding retransmission of nearby RF signals
        4.4     Additional considerations for fixed earth stations
                  4.4.1     Modulation settings
                  4.4.2     Time of day
                  4.4.3     Power levels
        4.5     Additional considerations for transportable earth stations
        4.6     Determining location of the earth station and the satellite
        4.7     Additional considerations for auto deploy earth stations
Attachment 1 to Annex 1  Guidelines for power requirements for earth stations