Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
Annex 1  Data banks to support evaluation of prediction methods
 1     Introduction
 2     Responsibilities and updates
 3     Acceptance criteria
 4     Testing criteria for comparing prediction methods
        4.1     General considerations
                  4.1.1     Best performance in terms of testing variable
                  4.1.2     “Physical basis” of the method chosen
                  4.1.3     “Simplicity”
        4.2     Testing variable for comparing rain attenuation predictions
                  4.2.1     Procedure
        4.3     Testing method for comparing fade duration predictions
                  4.3.1     Principle of the method
                  4.3.2     Procedure
        4.4     Testing method for comparing fade slope predictions
                  4.4.1     Principle of the method
                  4.4.2     Procedure
 5     List of the data banks of Radiocommunication Study Group 3 concerning tropospheric propagation
        5.1     Part I: Terrestrial line-of-sight path data
        5.2     Part II: Earth-space path data
        5.3     Part III: Terrestrial trans-horizon path and rain scatter data
        5.4     Part IV: Radiometeorological data
        5.5     Part V: Terrestrial land mobile data
        5.6     Part VI: Terrestrial point-to-area data
        5.7     Part VII: Data for mobile-satellite services
        5.8     Part VIII: Vegetation and building data
        5.9     Part IX: Noise