Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
Annex 1
 1     Introduction
 2     Physical operating environments and definition of cell types
 3     Path categories
        3.1     Definition of propagation situations
                  3.1.1     Propagation over rooftops, non-line-of-sight (NLoS)
                  3.1.2     Propagation along street canyons, NLoS
                  3.1.3     Line-of-sight (LoS) paths
        3.2     Data requirements
 4     Path loss models
        4.1     Models for propagation within street canyons
                  4.1.1     LoS situation
UHF propagation
SHF propagation up to 15 GHz
Millimetre-wave propagation
                  4.1.2     NLoS situations
        4.2     Models for propagation over roof-tops
Propagation for urban area
Propagation for suburban area
Millimetre-wave propagation
                  4.2.1     Urban area
Calculation of L1msd for l > ds
Calculation of L2msd for l < ds
                  4.2.2     Suburban area
        4.3     Models for propagation between terminals located from below roof-top height to near street level
        4.4     Default parameters for site-general calculations
        4.5     Additional losses
                  4.5.1     Influence of vegetation
                  4.5.2     Building entry loss
 5     Multipath models
        5.1     Delay profile
                  5.1.1     Delay spread for over roof-tops propagation environments
                  5.1.2     Delay spread for below roof-tops propagation environments
        5.2     Angular profile
                  5.2.1     Angular spread for below roof-tops propagation environments
        5.3     Number of signal components
                  5.3.1     Over-rooftops propagation environments
                  5.3.2     Below-rooftops propagation environments
        5.4     Fading characteristics
 6     Polarization characteristics
 7     Propagation data and prediction methods for the path morphology approach
        7.1     Classification of path morphology
        7.2     Statistical modelling method
        7.3     Path loss model
        7.4     Delay spread model
        7.5     Angular spread model
 8     Cross-correlation model of multi-link channel
        8.1     Definition of parameters
        8.2     Cross-correlation of the long-term time-spatial parameters
        8.3     Cross-correlation of short-term fading in delay domain