Annex 1
1     Introduction
2     Propagation impairments and measures of quality in indoor radio systems
3     Path loss models
       3.1     Site-general models
       3.2     Site-specific models
4     Delay spread models
       4.1     Multipath
       4.2     Impulse response
       4.3     r.m.s. delay spread
       4.4     Statistical models
       4.5     Site-specific models
5     Effect of polarization and antenna radiation pattern
       5.1     Line-of-sight case
       5.2     Obstructed path case
       5.3     Orientation of mobile terminal
6     Effect of transmitter and receiver siting
7     Effect of building materials, furnishings and furniture
8     Effect of movement of objects in the room
Appendix 1 to Annex 1 Alternative method to obtain reflection and transmission coefficients for building materials represented by N dielectric slabs based on ABCD matrix formulation