Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
 1     Introduction
 2     Related Recommendations
 3     Considerations
        3.1     Radio interfaces for the satellite component of IMT-2000
        3.2     Incorporation of externally developed specification material
        3.3     Satellite component interfaces
                  3.3.1     Radio interfaces
                  3.3.2     Other interfaces
 4     Recommendations (satellite component)
        4.1     Core network interface
        4.2     Satellite/terrestrial terminal interface
        4.3     Satellite radio interface specifications
                  4.3.1     Satellite radio interface A (SRI-A) specifications
                  4.3.2     Satellite radio interface B (SRI-B) specifications
                  4.3.3     Satellite radio interface D (SRI-D) specifications
                  4.3.4     Satellite radio interface E (SRI-E) specifications
                  4.3.5     Satellite radio interface F (SRI-F) specifications
                  4.3.6     Satellite radio interface G (SRI-G) specifications (enhanced version)
Broadcast Channel (BCH)
Paging Channel (PCH)
Forward Access Channel (FACH)
Downlink Shared Channel (DSCH)
Random Access Channel (RACH)
Common Packet Channel (CPCH)
Step 1: Slot synchronization
Step 2: Frame synchronization and code-group identification
Step 3: Scrambling-code identification
                  4.3.7     Satellite radio interface H specifications
Link adaptation
Power control
 5     Recommendations on unwanted emission limits from the terminals of IMT-2000 satellite systems
Annex 1  Abbreviations