Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
 1     Related Recommendations and Reports
Annex 1
 1     Introduction
 2     Prerequisite information for application of the methodology
        2.1     Forecast on services and market
        2.2     Technical considerations
        2.3     RATGs
 3     The methodology for spectrum requirement calculations
        3.1     Scope of the spectrum calculation methodology for IMT
        3.2     Approach for spectrum calculation
        3.3     Generic flow of the methodology
        3.4     Definitions
                  3.4.1     Service categories
a)     Very low rate data
b)     Low rate data and low multimedia
c)     Medium multimedia
d)     High multimedia
e)     Super-high multimedia
a)     Conversational class
b)     Interactive class
c)     Streaming class
d)     Background class
                  3.4.2     Service environment
                  3.4.3     Radio environment (RE)
                  3.4.4     RATGs
                  3.4.5     Relationship among service environments, RATGs, and radio environments
        3.5     Analysis of the collected market data
                  3.5.1     Collection of market data
                  3.5.2     Data analysis
        3.6     Distribution of traffic among radio access techniques and among radio environments within each RATG
                  3.6.1     Distribution ratios
                  3.6.2     Distribution of session arrival rates
                  3.6.3     Calculation of offered traffic
 4     Determination of the required system capacity and spectrum requirements
        4.1     Calculation of required system capacity for circuit switched traffic
        4.2     Calculation of the required system capacity for packet-switched traffic
        4.3     Determination of the spectrum requirements
 5     Applying necessary adjustments
 6     Calculate aggregate spectrum requirements
 7     Summary
Appendix 1  to Annex 1  List of abbreviations and symbols