Annex 1 A methodology to assess interference from BSS (sound) into terrestrial IMT‑2000 systems intending to use the band 2 630-2 655 MHz
1 Input data and scenarios
1.1 Characteristics of the systems
1.1.1 Terrestrial IMT‑2000 stations
1.1.2 BSS (sound) systems
2 Presentation of the results
3 Method of calculation and production of the results
3.1 Assessment of the interference into an IMT‑2000 base station
3.1.1 Aggregation of the interference from multiple satellites into a given IMT‑2000 base station receiver
3.1.2 Assessment of the interference received at a given IMT‑2000 site
3.1.3 Polarization discrimination
3.1.4 Further additional attenuation
3.2 Assessment of the interference into an IMT‑2000 mobile station
3.3 Algorithm to calculate single entry pfd masks
Appendix 1 to Annex 1 Impact of interference on terrestrial IMT-2000 cell coverage under Methods 2a and 2b in 3.1.2 with the use of example W-CDMA parameters
1 Overview
2 Uplink case