Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
 1     Introduction
        1.1     DFS
        1.2     Objective of the use of DFS with respect to radars
 2     DFS performance requirements
        2.1     Detection requirements
        2.2     Operational requirements
        2.3     Response requirements
        2.4     Summary of the requirements
 1     Definitions
 2     Procedures
        2.1     Finding an initial available channel
        2.2     Starting operation
        2.3     Monitoring the operating channel
 3     Implementation aspects
        3.1     Radar signal detection
                  3.1.1     Detection of frequency hopping radars
                  3.1.2     Threshold and antenna gain
                  3.1.3     Spurious emissions
        3.2     Channel move time
 1     Background
 2     Methodology
 3     Calculation based on link budget with radars from Recommendation  ITU‑R M.1638
 4     Calculation based on link budget for some new radars
 5     Possibility of a variable detection threshold
 6     Influence of the WAS architecture on the detection threshold