Annex 1  A method for assessing the required spectrum for broadband  NWA systems including RLANs using the 5 GHz band
 1     Background
 2     Introduction to NWA systems
        2.1     Recommendation ITU-R M.1390 terminology in the RLAN context
        2.2     Application environments
                  2.2.1     Corporate office environment
                  2.2.2     Public access environment
                  2.2.3     Wide area access environment
                  2.2.4     Home environment
 3     Method overview
 4     Method implementation for NWA
        4.1     Geographic and environment scenarios (Step A)
                  4.1.1     Application environments
        4.2     Market and traffic (Step B)
                  4.2.1     Users per cell (Steps B2-B4)
                  4.2.2     Traffic and services (Steps B5-B8)
        4.3     System capacity (Step C)
Throughput relative to PHY mode for the example calculation in Appendix 1
Frequency reuse and interference
Path-loss models
                  4.3.1     QoS, transfer latency and transfer delay variance
                  4.3.2     Traffic (bit rate) per cell (Steps C1-C3)
                  4.3.3     Obtaining the system capability (Steps C4-C5)
        4.4     Spectrum calculations (Step D)
Appendix 1 to Annex 1  Examples of the application of the methodology