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Annex 1  Methodology to evaluate the impact of interference from TDMA/FDMA MSS systems on video baseband performancein TV-FM analogue LoS fixed service receivers in the frequency range 1-3 GHz
 1     Introduction
 2     Methodology for TV-FM fixed service systems
        2.1     Reference TV-FM fixed service system for simulation
        2.2     Estimation of statistics of baseband video S/(N + I)
                  2.2.1     General description
                  2.2.2     Specific methodology
 3     An example
Appendix 1 to Annex 1  Example application of methodology for the computation of baseband  interference from LEO-F system into 16-hop  TV-FM radio-relay system
 1     Introduction
 2     Frequency plans of LEO-F and TV-FM radio-relay system
 3     Transmission parameters of TV-FM systems
 4     LEO-F system parameters
 5     Fading distribution
 6     B factor values
 7     Simulation results