Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
 1     Overview
 2     Prediction of A2 and NAVTEX ranges
        2.1     IMO performance criteria
        2.2     Achieving the required quality of signal
                  2.2.1     The effect of received noise
                  2.2.2     C/N required for single sideband (SSB) radiotelephony
                  2.2.3     C/N required for NAVTEX broadcasts
        2.3     Accounting for ships topside noise
        2.4     Determination of external noise factor, Fa, for the required availability
        2.5     Accounting for propagation by groundwave
                  2.5.1     Introduction
                  2.5.2     Proof of performance tests
                  2.5.3     Determination of extent of A2 service area
                  2.5.4     Determination of the range achieved using NAVTEX operation
 3     Protection of A2 watch frequency
        3.1     Impact of site separation on system performance
        3.2     Estimating the level of the interference field
        3.3     Required adjacent channel selectivity
        3.4     Protection from adjacent channel interference
        3.5     Protection from transmitter sideband noise
        3.6     Co-site operation
 4     Software requirements
        4.1     Noise calculation
        4.2     Intermodulation