Annex  1 - Sharing methodology and interference criteria used for the determination of coordination threshold criteria    
 1     Description of methodology         
        1.1     Simulation methodology     
        1.2     Analogue FS systems         
        1.3     Digital FS systems 
        1.4     Multiple non-GSO constellations    
 2     Results
Analogue FS systems    
Digital FS systems    
        2.1     Trends    
        2.2     Conclusions           
Annex  2 - Sharing of frequency bands in the 1-3 GHz range between transmitting stations in the FS and non-GSO space stations operating in the MSS (Earth-to-space)    
 1     Introduction      
 2     Simulation of interference from FS links into MSS satellite receiver           
        2.1     Point-to-point FS links       
        2.2     Troposcatter FS links        
 3     Conclusions