Annex 1 - System configuration and characteristics of MP-MP systems  with mesh network topology operating in frequency bands above about 17 GHz    
 1     Introduction      
 2     Overview of system configuration 
 3     Improvement of availability and reduction of transmit power          
        3.1     Analytical model    
        3.2     Availability improvement and diversity gain 
        3.3     Summary of the analytical results    
 4     System functions required for exploiting route diversity      
        4.1     Required functions 
        4.2     Practical examples to realize the required functions 
Appendix 1 to Annex 1 - Example of field experiments data on route diversity effect    
 1     Constructed wireless mesh network and system parameters          
 2     Measured rain attenuation data     
 3     Summary of route diversity effect during the heavy rain period through field experiments