Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
 1     Introduction
 2     System models
        2.1     Point-to-point FS deployment in the band 25.25-27.5 GHz
        2.2     Deployment of DRSs that use space-to-space links in the inter-satellite service
 3     Interference assessment
        3.1     DRS protection criteria
        3.2     Main beam interference
        3.3     Aggregate interference
 4     Interference mitigation techniques
        4.1     FS systems
        4.2     DRS systems
        4.3     Cooperative sharing framework
 5     Conclusions
 1     Introduction
 2     FS station parameters
 3     Determination of the azimuth of the satellite
 4     Determination of the elevation of the satellite
 5     Determination of the separation angle
 1     Introduction
 2     Basic calculations of diffraction attenuation
 3     Examples of diffraction attenuation
 4     Variability of diffraction attenuation in DRS interference exposures
 5     FS link design and implementation practices that increase the effectiveness of interference mitigation through diffraction attenuation
 6     Summary and conclusions