Policy on Intellectual Property Right (IPR)
Annex 1
 1     Assessment (perceptual) dimensions
 2     Subjective methodologies
        2.1     Single stimulus (SS) method
                  2.1.1     Trial structure of the SS method
                  2.1.2     Grading scales of the SS method
                  2.1.3     Opinion score data of the SS method
        2.2     Double stimulus continuous quality scale (DSCQS) method
                  2.2.1     Presentation of the test material
                  2.2.2     Grading scales of the DSCQS method
                  2.2.3     Opinion score data of the DSCQS method
        2.3     Pair comparison (PC) method
                  2.3.1     Trial structure of the PC method
                  2.3.2     Grading scales of the PC method
                  2.3.3     Opinion score data of the PC method
        2.4     Single stimulus continuous quality evaluation (SSCQE) method
                  2.4.1     General form of the test protocol
                  2.4.2     Grading scales of the SSCQE method
                  2.4.3     Opinion score data of the SSCQE method
 3     General viewing conditions
 4     Test material
        4.1     Visual comfort limits
        4.2     Discrepancies between left and right images
        4.3     Range, distribution and change in parallax
 5     Experimental apparatus
 6     Observers
        6.1     Sample size
        6.2     Vision screening
 7     Instructions to observers
 8     Session duration
 9     Use of reference video material
10     Variability of responses
11     Viewers’ rejection criteria
12     Statistical analysis
Appendix 1  Test materials for vision test
 1     Vision test