Annex 1
 2     Normative references
 3     Optical transmission system specifications
        3.1     Physical packaging and connectors of transmitter and receiver units
        3.2     Transmitter unit for low-power (short-haul), medium-power (medium-haul) or high-power (long-haul) links
       3.3      Transmitter unit labelling
        3.4     Receiver unit
        3.5     Receiver unit labelling
        3.6     Optical fibre circuit and connector specifications
                  3.6.1     Optical fibre type options
Appendix  A  Definition of optical domain transmission media and connector terms
        A.1     Optical fibre and cable assemblies
        A.2     Optical connector components
Appendix  B  Optical transmission circuit design and performance options
       B.1      Tx and Rx unit selection criteria
        B.2     Multimode and single-mode fibre transmission characteristics
        B.3     E/O transducer digital signal processing limitation
Appendix  C  Laser safety information
Appendix  D   Maximum transmission distance range
Appendix  E  Minimum transmission distance
Appendix  F  Damage thresholds
Appendix  G  Glossary of fibre optic terms