1     The international context           
        1.1     International principles governing spectrum use  
        1.2     Multilateral agreements    
                  1.2.1     International Telecommunication Union (ITU)  
                  1.2.2     Regional harmonization  
                  1.2.3     Specialized international organizations   
                  1.2.4     The World Trade Organization (WTO)  
        1.3     Standardization at the international, regional and national levels which might have implications on the regulatory framework for national spectrum management     
                  1.3.1     The structure of international standardization    
                  1.3.2     An example of standardization at a regional level: the structure of European standardization     
                  1.3.3     The global level according to WTO rules           
        1.4     Multilateral agreements    
 2     The national context      
        2.1     Principles of national spectrum use          
                  2.1.1     Rights and obligations with regard to the spectrum       
                  2.1.2     Examples of possible approaches to management of national spectrum organization     
                  2.1.3     Transparent management
                  2.1.4     Economic aspects
        2.2     The linkage between international and national regulations        
                  2.2.1     Allocations          
                  2.2.2     Assignments        
                  2.2.3     Authorizations (or licences)        
                  2.2.4     Monitoring the spectrum 
                  2.2.5     Interference         
                  2.2.6     International representation        
        2.3     Factors affecting legal approaches           
                  2.3.1     Objectives, scope of spectrum management       
                  2.3.2     Legal framework, regulation       
                  2.3.3     Geography, geopolitical environment     
                  2.3.4     Society, administrative and legal culture
                  2.3.5     Level of economic development 
 3     Conclusion
Annex 1 - Possible approaches to management of national spectrum organizations     
    Spectrum management organizations and their duties   
        1.1     Duties of RRD     
        1.2     Duties of radio regulatory agencies at provincial level     
 2     Legislative and regulatory framework   
Annex 2 - Extract from the Handbook on National Spectrum Management  Best practices for national spectrum management     
Annex 3 - GATS: Article VI Domestic Regulation