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ITU-2000 Recommendations
COUNCIL Document C97/133-E

27 June 1997

Original: English

GENEVA — 1997 SESSION — (18 - 27 JUNE)  

resolution 1113

(approved at the tenth Plenary Meeting)

cost recovery for the processing by
the radiocommunication bureau
of space notifications


The Council,


a) Resolution 39 (Kyoto, 1994) on strengthening the financial base of the ITU;

b) Document C97/66 and Corr.1 containing the recommendations of ITU-2000;

c) Document C97/56 on cost attribution plan and options for cost recovery;

d) Document C97/57 on cost analysis of the processing by the Radiocommunication Bureau of space and terrestrial notifications,

also considering

the ongoing process of review of the ITU's frequency coordination and planning framework for satellite networks (Resolution 18 (Kyoto, 1994)) and the fact that this review is on the agenda of WRC-97,


that there may be a need to consider the overall impact of a general move towards cost recovery on the present character and financial basis of the Union,


1 to adopt the principle of full recovery of processing costs for the production of the Special Sections of the Weekly Circular for space radiocommunication services concerning advance publications, requests for coordination or agreement (Radio Regulations Article 11, Article 14, Resolutions 33, 46, etc.) and requests for modification of space service Plans contained in AP30/30A/30B;

2 to instruct the Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau to conduct a cost-recovery study to include detailed costs and draft provisions as well as the appropriate procedures so that the decision of the Council outlined in resolves 1 above can be implemented at the earliest possible date, taking into account the relevant decisions of WRC-97 and, in particular, those resulting from a consideration of Resolution 18 (Kyoto, 1994) and to submit this study to the 1998 Council for consideration;


3 to instruct the Secretary-General to develop fee schedules, for the activities listed in resolves 1, based on full cost allocation with a view to include income and expenditure in future budgets of the Union for consideration at the 1998 Council and, as appropriate, subsequent action by the Plenipotentiary Conference, 1998;

4 to instruct the Secretary-General, in consultation with the Directors of the three Bureaux, to identify other products and services that could be subject to cost recovery and to develop appropriate detailed provisions and associated procedures, including fee schedules based on full cost allocation, for consideration by the 1998 Council.



Ref.: Document C97/109(Rev.1)



COUNCIL   Document C97/132-E

27 June 1997

Original: English

GENEVA — 1997 SESSION — (18 - 27 JUNE)    



Resolution 1112

(approved at the tenth Plenary Meeting)

ITU-2000 recommendations

The Council,

taking into account

the fact that, notwithstanding the open nature of the ITU-2000 Working Group, only a few developing countries could participate in its meetings,


that some of the matters dealt with by the report of the ITU-2000 relate to the future of the ITU and would require significant changes to be made to the Constitution and Convention of the Union,


that the French and Spanish versions of the Chairman’s report contained in Document C97/29 were distributed at the beginning of Council, and despite the availability of the ITU-2000 recommendations contained in Document C97/66, some of the Councillors were not able to assess their full implications for the future of ITU in so far as aspects relating to the sovereignty of States are concerned,


1 to take note of the report of the Chairman of ITU-2000 contained in Document C97/29 and to adopt in principle the recommendations of ITU-2000 contained in Documents C97/66 and C97/66(Corr.1);


2 that the following recommendations be transmitted to the Plenipotentiary Conference for consideration:

R.1, R.2, R.3, R.4, R.5(I) ,R.6, R.7(II), R.8, R.9/1(III), R.9/4, R.10, R.11 (second part), R.12, R.13(IV), R.14/1, R.15(V), R.17, R.20(VI), R.22, R.23, R.24, R.26;

3 that after having examined the ITU-2000 recommendations which are within its competence, the Council adopted the following recommendations and instructed the Secretary-General and the Bureau Directors to implement them:

(1) Recommendation R.7/1

The Council requests the competent organs of the Sectors to implement this recommendation.

(2) Recommendation R.7/2

The Council requests the competent organs of the Sectors to implement this recommendation. In relation to the last sentence of R.7/2, the Secretary-General shall report to the Council on measures to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of the ITU databases when permitting access by entities cooperating with a Sector without their being members of that Sector.

(3) Recommendation R.9/2

The system of allocation of costs and transparent accounting in use shall be continued and improved with the view to allow the tracking of expenses. The Secretary-General and the Directors of the Bureaux should implement as soon as possible.


(4) Recommendation R.9/3

The three Sectors have to prepare a cost-based budget in accordance with CV181, CV205 and CV223. When applying these provisions, the Sectors shall establish their requirements on the basis of a bottom-up approach, including for each Sector its respective part of the full allocated costs of the General Secretariat. The same approach shall be used for the General Secretariat and this may require amending the Convention.

(5) Recommendation R.11 (first part)

The Directors shall involve the Sector Advisory bodies in preparing the bottom-up budget of the Sector and in managing this budget.

(6) Recommendations R.14/2 and R.14/3

The Secretary-General and the Directors should prepare and publish a Sector Member’s manual and a membership prospectus.

(7) Recommendation R.16

In support of this recommendation the Secretary-General and Directors shall study, in consultation with the Sector Advisory bodies, alternative methods of funding for the study of specific matters and shall prepare, if necessary, more flexible Financial Regulations to cover the specific requirements of the Sector concerned.

(8) Recommendation R.18

To be implemented by the Secretary-General and the Directors.

(9) Recommendation R.19

To be implemented by the Secretary-General and the Directors.

(10) Recommendation R.21

After having defined its views on revenue producing activities, the Council may wish to transmit its views to the Plenipotentiary Conference.

(11) Recommendation R.22

Should the Plenipotentiary Conference adopt this recommendation, amend the CS and CV accordingly and decide to implement it provisionally, then it may need to have in hand an instrument for this purpose. To this effect, the Secretary-General shall prepare a draft Resolution for consideration by the Plenipotentiary Conference.

(12) Recommendation R.25

To be implemented by the Sectors.

(13) Recommendation R.27 (excluding item 4)

a) The recommendation should be taken into account in preparation of the Strategic Plan.

b) The Secretary-General is requested to transmit this recommendation to the WTDC (1998).

c) The Secretary-General should also transmit it to the Council Working Group on regional presence if it is reactivated;

4 to instruct the Bureau of the ITU-2000 with the assistance of Experts and the Legal Affairs Unit (LAU) to prepare the required draft texts for amending the Constitution and Convention,

instructs the Secretary-General

to circulate these draft texts to the Member States of the Union for preparation of their proposals for the 1998 Plenipotentiary Conference.


Ref.: Document C97/110(Rev.1)


I) Some Members of the Council expressed their concern with respect to this recommendation in regard to the sovereign rights of Member States.

II) For implementation by the Sectors. It may require amendment to the Convention.

III) The Council may wish to inform the Plenipotentiary Conference on possible action in respect to this recommendation. In such case, the Secretary-General shall prepare a report on these matters following an invitation to Member States, Sector Members and the Advisory bodies of the Sectors to make contributions if they so wish.

IV) Some Members of the Council expressed their concern with respect to this recommendation in regard to the solidarity that should exist among Members of the Union.

V) To be considered first by the 1997 Radiocommunication Assembly.

VI) The Council applied this approach to specific cases which it considered appropriate. However, an extensive application may require an amendment to the Convention.


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