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Telecom surplus funds
COUNCIL   Document C97/131-E

27 June 1997

Original: English

GENEVA — 1997 SESSION — (18 - 27 JUNE)    


resolution 1111

(approved at the tenth Plenary Meeting)

telecom surplus funds

The Council,


the "instructs the Council" part of Resolution 11, Kyoto, 1994, relating to the use of Telecom surplus funds,

having examined

the reports by the Secretary-General and the Director of the BDT as contained in Document C97/59 relating to the use of Telecom surplus funds, Documents C97/17 and C97/79,


that those funds to be used for specific development projects amount to 17.5 million Swiss francs,


1 that the amount mentioned above shall be used for the projects and purposes outlined in Document C97/59;

2 that the funds used as seed funds and those funds, together with the ones that they will generate from their use, shall be managed in accordance with the financial regulations applicable to voluntary contributions;

3 that future identification of projects shall be made by the BDT taking account of inputs by world and regional development conferences and the TDAB;

4 that strategic decisions and approval of projects, the allocation of funds and the monitoring of the execution of the projects following the procedure in force shall be made by a Steering Committee composed of:

– the Secretary-General, assisted by the President of Telecom;

– the Deputy Secretary-General;

– the Director of the BDT;

The Steering Committee may call upon representatives of the beneficiaries where appropriate.

5 that the projects shall be executed by the BDT who shall report periodically to the Steering Committee;

6 that the post of Administrator whose function and funding are described in Document C97/59 shall be included in the BDT from the administrative viewpoint;

7 that the Steering Committee shall report to Council on actions taken for the implementation of Resolution 11 of Kyoto, 1994 and on the execution of the projects.


Ref.: Document C97/112



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