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CWG-SNF - Ref: C-02 Dec. 510, PP-02 Res. 88(Rev.)

Ad hoc Group of Council
on Cost Recovery for Satellite Network Filings

Council-05 Follow-up

Council-05 has endorsed a modification to Decision 482 and has decided on corrective measures for invoices issued in 2004-2005, as summarized below:

-    Decision 482 (modified 2005) - Implementation of cost recovery for satellite network filings

-    Decision 531 - Additional corrective measures relating to cost recovery on satellite network filings for those networks subject to Decision 513

-     Decision 532 - Satellite network filing cost recovery: categories 7 and 8

-     Decision 533 - Corrective measures related to cost recovery on GSO satellite network filings operating in the band 11.7-12.2 GHz for which No. 9.14 is directly cited in the Radio Regulations

-     Decision 534 – Cost recovery for satellite network filings - Part B submissions involving the application of Article 4 of Appendices 30/30A where the associated part A was received prior to 8 November 1998.

The modified Decision 482, which will enter into force on 1 January 2006, is based on a new cost recovery methodology, contains new cost recovery fees and is extended in scope to cover notification of assignments in non-planned and planned services, as well as Sections IA and III of Article 6 of Appendix 30B. While corrective measures for invoices issued in 2004-2005 could be implemented in the current biennium, those issued in 2002-2003 would be referred to PP-06 as the accounts for this period were closed.

Council-05 also agreed to disband the Council Ad hoc group on cost recovery for SNF chaired by D. Barrett (UK).

Previous Terms of Reference of the Council Working Group

Decision 510 of the ITU Council established an ad hoc Group to consider specified issues relating to cost recovery for satellite network filings with the following terms of reference:

1.         In relation to Document C02/29, pursuant to Decision 482 Modified (C02) relating to the cost recovery methodology for satellite network filings, the Group will continue to consider the alternative basis for charging that does not depend on numbers of pages.

2.         In relation to Document C02/40, the Group will determine the factors to be considered for the evaluation, as well as the practical implications of applying cost attribution to activities associated with the processing of satellite network filings towards the application of full cost recovery.

Revised terms of reference (PP-02 Res 88(Rev)).

The Plenipotentiary Conference (Marrakesh, 2002) ...

instructs the Council, at its extraordinary session during this conference

to establish a group, open to all Member States and Sector Members, in order to make recommendations to the 2003 session of the Council on: 

i)          modifications to Decision 482 to give effect to resolves 1 and 2 above;

ii)         extension of the implementation of processing charges for satellite filings, received by BR as of a date to be set by the Council and not already covered in resolves 2 above, to include identifiable and auditable costs incurred directly in the processing of satellite network filings;

iii)         clarification of the meaning of the term "actual costs" referred to in resolves 4 i) of Resolution 91 (Minneapolis, 1998) of the Plenipotentiary Conference;


The Group is open to all Member States and Sector Members. The Working methods of the Group are in English only.


The Group is Chaired by Mr. D. Barrett (United Kingdom)

Information on Meetings

Seventh Meeting - 21-22 March 2005

Sixth Meeting - 4-6 May 2004

Fifth Meeting - 24-26 February 2004

Fourth Meeting - 20-23 October 2003

Third Meeting - 10-11 April 2003

Second Meeting - 20-21 January 2003

First Meeting  - 23-25 July 2002


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