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CWG-SNF - Fourth Meeting 20-23 October 2004

Ad hoc Group of Council
on Cost Recovery for Satellite Network Filings



Fourth meeting  20-23 October 2003


Document INFO/3: BR -  Experience of Radiocommunication Bureau in the implementation of
Decision 482 Modified (C2002)

Document INFO/2: BR - Time Study and Initial Indications

Document INFO/1: BR - Description of Processing in the Space Services Department (SSD)

Document 10: Contribution from France - Time Recording Process

Document 9: Contribution from France - Practices of the Bureau in implementing the provisions of Decision 482

Document 8: Contribution from the USA (USA 1r5) - Updated views on the Recommendations of the Ad hoc Group to Council 2003

Document 7: Contribution from the USA (USA 5) - Budget for satellite filing cost recovery and reallocated costs

Document 6: Contribution from the USA (USA 4r2) - Revision of the cost recovery charging schedule to address excessive fees for particular satellite filings

Document 5: Contribution from the USA  (USA 3) - Cases of Filings involving more than one category

Document 4: Contribution from the USA (USA 2) - Proposed revision to Council Decision 482 as modified by Council 2002

Document 3: Contribution from AsiaSat - Principles for Determination of filing charges

Document 2: Contribution from AsiaSat - Applicable Methodology for calculation filing  charges and modifications to filings after publication

Final Report

Document 1 (updated 10 May 2004): An Overview of Satellite Network Filing Cost Recovery

Document 1: Contribution from the Chairman - An Overview of Satellite Network Filing Cost Recovery


Invitation DM-1053 (5.08.2003)


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