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Council Group of Specialists to review the management of the Union

Council Group of Specialists to review the management of the Union


Based on Plenipotentiary Decision COM 6/1 (Marrakesh, 2002) the ITU Council, at its extraordinary session in 2002,  created the Group of Specialists (GoS) to review the management of the Union. The Group consists of one member from each administrative region, and is mandated to carry out its work in consultation with the Secretary-General, Directors of the Bureaux and  Sector Advisory Groups, and to report to the 2003 session of the Council.

Terms of reference of the Group

Under the terms of Decision COM 6/1 (Marrakesh, 2002), the purpose of the Group of Specialists (GoS) to review the management of the Union shall be to undertake, as a matter of urgency, studies on the overall management of the Union, in order that the results of the studies are implemented in time for the 2004-2005 biennial budget. The experts serving on the group shall be provided by administrations, at their own cost.

The terms of reference of the Group, as set out in Decision COM 6/1 (Marrakesh, 2002), are as follows:


Terms of reference of the Group of Specialists to review the management of the Union

To identify and evaluate options, with supporting pros and cons, relating to the effectiveness, efficiency and economy of the management and administration of the Union as a whole, considering all elements that would contribute to efficient and effective fulfilment of the functions and duties of ITU, and in particular to review:

1)       the organization of the Union's financial management, including:

i)        performing a thorough examination of ITU, including the system of budgets managed by the Sectors, so as to identify all opportunities for savings and ensure maximum economic use of the Union's resources;

ii)       identifying the necessary control mechanisms to ensure appropriate accountability and control, including any role the Deputy Secretary-General might take in financial approval;

iii)       recommending appropriate changes to the Financial Regulations;

2)       Various functions, to see how they could further support the activities of the Union and in the light of the changes in priorities of the membership, (e.g. the library and the Strategy and Policy Unit (SPU));

3)       the present distribution of tasks related to documentation and publications among the relevant departments of the General Secretariat and the Bureaux, identifying situations which give rise to problems of quality control, and clarifying the assignment of responsibilities and accountability;

4)       interpretation and translation staffing and systems, including partial outsourcing (see Document PP02/115);

5)       the provision of financial information to Member States;

6)       better use of the centralized support services of the General Secretariat in order to achieve cost reduction in relation to TELECOM activities;

7)       common administrative functions of each Sector, including their consolidation into the General Secretariat;

8)       simplification of internal procedures.

First meeting of the Group

At the first meeting of the GoS, held at ITU in Geneva on Thursday, 9 January 2003, Mr Richard Beaird (United States) was elected as Chairman, and Mr Alexander Kushtuev (Russian Federation) was elected as Vice-Chairman. The other members of the Group are: Ms M. Townswick (United States, representing Mr Beaird), Mr A.Gomes (Portugal), Mr A.Tazi-Riffi (Morocco) and Mr T.Yamada (Japan). The Group considered a number of contributions and established the programme and allocation of responsibilities for its work.


First meeting (9 January, 2003)

Meeting documents and Chairman's report


Information documents for the work of the GoS


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