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CWG-FinRegs - Ref: PP-02 Res. 107, C-03 Res. 1210, C-04 Dec. 521

Council Group on Financial Regulations

Terms of Reference

Pursuant to Recommendation 7 of the Group of Specialists approved by the Council at its 2003 session, taking into account the views of the ITU External Auditors, a group was set up to review and recommend appropriate modifications to the Financial Regulations of the Union with the following terms of reference:

1.    to examine the existing provisions of the Financial Regulations, including but not limited to those pertaining to the Reserve for Debtors accounts (Article 29), the Reserve Account (Article 30), and other reserves associated with various funds such as the Exhibition Working Capital Fund (Article 19), with a view towards ensuring conformity and consistency with the basic instruments of the Union, decisions of the Plenipotentiary Conference and the Council, as well as the evolving needs of ITU;

2.    to delineate the data elements to be contained in the budget and operational plans, and the relationship between the two and with the strategic and financial plans adopted by the Plenipotentiary Conference, taking into account any follow-up actions;

3.    to ensure that, with the development of results-based budgeting, appropriations are classified by programme and activity, with the corresponding reference to the Strategic Plan, instead of by category of expenditure;

4.    to ensure that the flexibility arrangements provided for in the Financial Regulations, including deferred activities to be carried out for the following biennium, are consistent with those of the other United Nations organizations;

5.    to ensure that transfer of unused appropriations related to translations into Arabic, Chinese and Russian languages to be carried out for the following biennium are deleted from the Financial Regulations;

6.    to ensure that the Financial Regulations include provisions for internal control in line with those of other United Nations organizations;

7.    to identify other consequential changes to the Financial Regulations as a result of the actions undertaken above.

Extended Mandate

Council 2005, by its Decision 530, extended the mandate of the Council Group (Group FINREGS) consideration having been taken of :

         -    the revision of the mandate of the Council Group reflected in Council Decision 521, as approved at the 2004 session of Council; and

         -    the report of the Council Group on the Financial Regulations and Related Financial Management Issues (Group FINREGS) presented to the 2005 session of the Council (Document C05/39) which includes modifications to the Financial Regulations and the elaboration of new Financial Rules.


The Group is open to all Member States of ITU.


The Group is chaired by Mr. B. Gracie (Canada)

 Information on Meetings

Seventh Meeting - 26 October 2005

Sixth Meeting - 27-28 April (2005)

Fifth Meeting - 24-25 January 2005 

Fourth Meeting - 28 October 2004

Third Meeting - 6 September 2004

Second Meeting - 1-2 April 2004

First Meeting - 2-3 October 2003


Background and Additional Information

C05/39 Report by the Chairman of the Council Group on the Financial Regulations and related Financial Management Issues (Group FINREGS)
C04/31 Report of the Council Group on the Financial Regulations to Council 2004


Financial Regulations in force (2002 Edition)

2 Implementation of the recommendations of the Group of Specialists (Council Resolution 1210)
3 Linkage of strategic, financial and operational planning (Council Document C03/83)
4 Improvements to the management and functioning of ITU (Resolution 107 (Marrakesh, 2002)
5 Relevant provisions from the Final Acts of the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference (Marrakesh, 2002)
6 Decision 5 (Marrakesh, 2002) - Income and expenditure of the Union for the period 2004 to 2007)
7 Decision 6 (Marrakesh, 2002) - Financial Plan of the Union for the period 2004 to 2007
8 Report by the Secretary-General - ITU Funds
9 ILO Financial Regulations
10 WIPO Financial Regulations
11 WMO Financial Regulations
12 IOM Financial Regulations
13 WHO Financial Regulations
14 UN Financial Regulations
15 Proposed amendments to the Financial Regulations
16 Report by the Chairman of the Council Group on Financial Regulations

List of outputs and activities of the ITU



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