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The Internet in South East Asia
Bangkok, Thailand 21-23 November 2001

List of Documents
Doc. # Source Title
1. ITU/BDT List of Documents
2. ITU/BDT Programme
3. ITU/BDT List of Participants (PDF)
4. Eui K. Koh, New Skies Satellites Asia Pacific Internet via Satellite (PowerPoint, PDF)
5. Eric Lie, InfoComm Development Agency of Singapore Singapore Internet Country Overview (PDF)
6. Pandji Choesin, Indonesian ISP Association The Indonesian Internet Service Provider Association (PowerPoint, PDF)
7. Rom Hiranpruk, Software Park Project Thailand Software Park Thailand (PDF)
8. Rom Hiranpruk, Software Park Project Thailand Thailand Internet Country Overview (PDF)
9. Houth Ratanak, Open Forum of Cambodia Role of NGO in Internet Development (PowerPoint, PDF)
10. Morragot Kulatumyontin, Internet Thailand Internet Thailand and pre-paid Internet in Thailand (PowerPoint, PDF)

Hiranya K. Bhattarai, Manager NTC

Nepal Internet Country Overview (PDF)
12. Vanessa Gray, ITU Silicon Valleys in Developing Countries (PowerPoint, PDF)
13. Eric Lie, InfoComm Development Agency of Singapore Internet infrastructure development - Trends in Singapore and the Region (PowerPoint, PDF)
14. Sam Paltridge, OECD OECD Internet Indicators (PowerPoint, PDF)
15. Rudi Rusdiah, Indonesia Internet Kiosk Association Internet Cafés: Bridging Divide through cooperatives (PowerPoint, PDF)
16. Claire Milne, Antelope Consulting (UK) The costs of Internet access in developing countries (PowerPoint, PDF)
17. Somkiat Tangkitvanich, TDRI Regulating the Internet. Lessons from Thailand (PowerPoint, PDF)
18. Tim Kelly, ITU Commercial aspects of the Internet (PowerPoint, PDF)
19. Vanessa Gray, ITU The Internet in South East Asia: Economic and social influences (PowerPoint, PDF)
20. Dorsi Wangmo, 
Ministry of Communications Bhutan
Bhutan Internet Country Overview (PDF)
21. Noor Iza, Direktorate General of Posts and Telecommunication, Indonesia Indonesia Internet Country Overview (PowerPoint, PDF)
22. Wan Faizal Wan Hassan, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Convergence and policy, regulation and promotion (PDF)
23. Wan Faizal Wan Hassan, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission Malaysia Internet Country Overview (PDF)
24. Michael Minges, ITU Internet Policy in South East Asia (PowerPoint, PDF)
25. Michael Minges, ITU Measuring the Internet In South East Asia (PowerPoint, PDF)
26. Michael Minges, Vanessa Gray, Tim Kelly The Internet In South East Asia, ITU Internet Case Studies (PowerPoint, PDF)
27. Pituma Panthawi Internet in Thailand. The Role of NECTEC (PowerPoint, PDF)
28. Sunil Bhatia, IBM Global Services  e-ASEAN Readiness Assessment (PDF)
29. Somkiat Tangkitvanich, TDRI State Interventions in the Internet Market: Lessons from Thailand (PDF)
30. Koy Kim Sea, Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications, Cambodia Cambodia Internet Country Overview (PDF)
31. Edgardo Cabarios, National Telecommunications Commission, Philippines Philippines Internet Country Overview (PowerPoint, PDF)

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