Arab Region Internet & Telecom Summit
Muscat (Oman), 28-30 May 2001


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Doc. # Source Title
1. ITU/BDT List of Documents (Word, PDF)
2. ITU/BDT Programme (Word, PDF, HTML)
3. ITU/BDT List of Participants (Word, PDF)
4. Rami Majzoub, Reuters ISPs in Middle East and North Africa (PowerPoint, PDF)
5. Rodney Harper, Alcatel Solutions for next generation networks (PowerPoint, PDF)
6. Abdulilah Dewachi, ESCWA The Internet in Arab States (PowerPoint, PDF)
7. Manuel Zaragoza, ITU ITU experience in e-learning (PowerPoint, PDF)
8. Sherif Hashem, Ministry CIT Egypt Information Technology Community Telecenters in Egypt (PowerPoint, PDF)
9. Hassan Al Abdouli, Etisalat Emirates Internet Exchange (EMIX) (PowerPoint, PDF)
10. Saleem Jawad, Omantel

Overview of Internet in Oman and 

Omantel's Internet activities being an ISP (PowerPoint)

11. Tim Kelly, ITU IP Telephony: Results of the ITU World Telecom Policy Forum (PowerPoint, PDF)
12. Mazen Jabri, CISCO New World Business Models for Service Providers (PowerPoint, PDF)
13. Tim Kelly, ITU Internet diffusion: Egypt case study (PowerPoint, PDF)
14. Vanessa Gray, ITU Barriers to Internet penetration in the Arab World (PowerPoint, PDF)
15. Michael Minges, ITU Mobile Internet (PowerPoint, PDF)
16. Moctar Ould Ameine, Mauritel The Internet in Mauritania (overview) (Word, PDF)
17. Ihsan Ali Bu-Hulaiga, King Fahad University, Saudi Arabia Challenges of e-Business in GCC: Digital Divide and Economic Reform (PowerPoint, PDF)
18. Ali Yasin Farah, Somalia Telecom The Internet in Somalia (overview) (Word, PDF)
19 Mohammad Karmash, Jordan Telecom The Internet in Jordan (overview) (Word, PDF)
20. Mohamed Nasser Al-Harthy, OmanTel Opening Speech (Word, PDF)
21. Khalil Aburizik, ITU Regional Office - Cairo Opening Speech (Word, PDF)
22. Manuel Zaragoza, ITU ITU Launches a Multi-Million dollar project to Bridge the Global Digital Divide (HTML)
23. Manuel Zaragoza, ITU ITU's Global Telecommunication University establishes first inter-regional node to promote on-line distance learning (HTML)
24. Ghassan Akkash, STE, Syria Overview of Internet in the Syrian Arab Republic (PowerPoint, PDF)
25. Hassan Al Abdouli, Etisalat Overview of the Internet in the UAE (Word, PDF)
26. Mohammed Abbas, Sudatel Overview of the Internet in Sudan (Word, PDF)
27. Aziz Baayer, Maroc Telecom Overview of the Internet in Morocco (PowerPoint, PDF)

Last updated: 13 June 2001

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