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In the context of an increasingly sophisticated Internet environment and spiralling demand for high-speed access to the home and office, ITU approved new Recommendations covering ADSL technologies that will allow users to boost their connection speed by more than 100 times, for almost instant access to data, audio and video services.

In the area of modems, the approval of Recommendation ITU-T V.92 represents a significant boost to the performance of the voiceband modems which currently dominate Internet access, increasing the network connection rate by more than 40% to up to 48 Kbit/s. In addition, the new ITU-T V.92 standard offers considerably faster start-up times by “remembering” phone line characteristics and reducing “handshake” time by almost 50% for calls from the same location to the same destination. ITU-T V.92 also incorporates a unique ability to put data transmission “on hold” while processing voice calls, re-establishing the transmission once the line is free without dropping the connection. Among other things, this feature will make it possible to exploit emerging voice response services linked to Internet browsing and online shopping.


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