"Living the Digital World" provides a varied and exciting theme for the Forum, one which encapsulates how information and communications technologies (ICTs) are impacting and shaping our lifestyles. Sessions will be split into 3 different domains:

  • Digital Lifestyle: This domain will explore current and future lifestyles and how they are shaped by ICTs. The focus of this domain will be on the demand side of the ICT sector, examining market trends, user behaviour and consumer preferences.

  • Digital Ecosystems: The digital ecosystem is composed of many different kinds of companies which interlink, cooperate and compete to provide equipment, services and applications to users. The focus of this domain will be on the supply side of the industry and on the development of efficient business models.

  • Digital Society: In our digital world, we are all obliged to share and harmoniously coexist, therefore we need policy oversight and independent regulation to help our world function. This domain will look at the challenges in maintaining a transparent regulatory environment and on building an information society for all. 


Sanjiv AhujaSanjiv Ahuja
CEO, Orange
John ChambersJohn Chambers
CEO, Cisco Systems
Dan ElronDan Elron
Managing Partner, Communications Industry, Accenture
Mark HurdMark Hurd
Chairman of the Board, CEO and President
Hewlett-Packard Company
Paul JacobsPaul Jacobs
CEO, Qualcomm Inc.
Reza JafariDr A Reza Jafari
Chairman, World 06 Forum Advisory Committee & Managing Director, Intl, NeuStar
Pieter KnookPieter Knook
Senior Vice President, Microsoft Corporation
Richard LiRichard Li
Chairman, PCCW Ltd.
Sean Maloney
Executive Vice President
Intel Corporation
Masao Nakamura
President and CEO
NTT DoCoMo Inc.
Nicholas NegroponteNicholas Negroponte
Professor, MIT and Chairman and founder, One Laptop per Child
Atsutoshi NishidaAtsutoshi Nishida
President and CEO
Toshiba Corporation
Eli M. NoamEli M. Noam
Professor, Finance & Economics and Director
Columbia Institute for Tele-Information
Columbia University
Tadashi OnoderaTadashi Onodera
President, KDDI
Viviane RedingViviane Reding
Member of the European Commission
Leonid D ReimanH.E. Leonid D Reiman
Minister of Information Technologies and Communications,
Russian Federation
Paul ReynoldsPaul Reynolds
CEO, BT Wholesale
Patricia RussoPatricia Russo
Chairman and CEO,
Lucent Technologies
Katsumasa ShinozukaKatsumasa Shinozuka
President and CEO, OKI Electric Industry Co. Ltd.
Carl-Henric Svanberg
President and CEO, Ericsson
Henry TangHon. Henry Tang
Financial Secretary, Government of the Hong Kong SAR
Anthony S.K. Wong
Commissioner, Innovation & Technology Commission
(Hong Kong, SAR)
Joseph WP Wong
Secretary of Commerce, Industry & Technology
(Hong Kong, SAR)
Joe Wright
Chairman of the Board
Intelsat, Ltd.
Kaoru Yano
President, NEC CORP
Edward J. Zander
Chairman & CEO, Motorola
Xunsheng Zuo
Chief Executive Officer of China Netcom


The Forum at WORLD 2006 will provide a chance to discover how, what, when and why the latest ICTs are affecting our lives. Some of the key themes which will be explored at the Forum include:

Triple Play services, for example,  (where television, voice and Internet are delivered over the same 'pipe' from a single service provider) are becoming increasingly mainstream. Indeed some countries now offer multiple play services, by adding in mobile voice. But how should services such as these best be regulated? Priced? and marketed?

The quest to provide innovative digital content for ever more content-hungry consumers has brought together a whole new set of players. From broadcasters or record labels to hardware and software producers or credit card providers, all have a stake in the fast-growing digital content industry. But what are the greatest opportunities offered by this burgeoning industry? And what are the pitfalls for prospective new market entrants?

New wireless services such as WiMax or UWB (Ultrawideband) have the facility to transport large amounts of data over long distances, and are often put forward as cost-effective universal broadband access solutions for the future. But what is the true potential for these types of services? And how can they coexist alongside current 3G mobile networks for example. As we head closer to a truly 'ubiquitous' network society, where information can be accessed anywhere, anytime by anyone or thing what will be the best business models to promote widespread takeup of new technologies?

Click here to find out more detail about the Forum Programme, including who will be taking part in each session.


Speaking Opportunities at the Forum: Our call for abstracts is now closed, and the Forum programme has now been finalized. If after reading some of the key areas to be covered in the Forum, you would like to nominate a potential high-level speaker (eg CEO or company President) to be added to our waiting-list, then we would be pleased to hear from you. Please submit to Marianne Dimier or Elizabeth Lake, Forum Managers, the name and full contact details of the proposed speaker, with a short (max. 200 words) biography, specifying the topic on which he/she would be qualified to speak.